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We recommend protecting yourself, regardless of value, in acquiring a qualified appraisal that would hold up in court, or for estate purposes.  For estates, especially when family relations are involved, its important to determine an unbiased value on assets that may be distributed, or questioned.

Though the IRS at present does not require an appraisal for auto values less than $5,000.00, it does require a value from guides related to the subject auto.  Our "Price Guide" links offer this assistance for you.  For IRS information, see IRS forms: 526, 561, 800-829, 8282, 8283 at www.IRS.GOV.  You can also call 1-800-829-1040 for assistance.

For values over $5000. Mahoning Auto LLC can professionally appraise your vehicle for donation, or estate purposes.

In certain cases, the appraisal fee may be tax deductible on Schedule A of your tax form - consult the IRS and/or your tax advisor.